2020 Ultimate Goal

Our league appreciates your Gracious Professionalism, patience, flexibility, and feedback during these unusual times. We will do our best to keep this site up to date with all the information specific to this year.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Game & Season Materials

Remote Event Dates

* Please note that these are all tentative as everything is constantly adapting with COVID

For a description of what each event will entail, please see our calendar of events. Below are the tentative dates for each event:

  • Scrimmage: Nov. 9th-14th

  • Qualifier #1: Dec. 7th-13th

  • Qualifier #2: Jan. 11th-17th

  • Qualifier #3: Feb. 1st-7th

  • Qualifier #4

  • Qualifier #5

  • Qualifier #6

  • League Championship: TBD

  • State Championship will be mid-May

For more information regarding the schedule see the Calendar of Events.

Season Results

* Not currently available

South Florida League Advancement & State Championship Awards*

League Championship Awards.pdf

Final League Rankings

League Qualifier #6 Rankings

League Qualifier #5 Rankings

League Qualifier #4 Rankings

League Qualifier #3 Rankings

League Qualifier #2 Rankings

League Qualifier #1 Rankings

Scrimmage Rankings

Rankings can be found here. Please keep in mind that these do not impact your overall League Ranking.


Season Fees

Due to the unusual times we all find ourselves in this season, there will be no league fees this season.

Please keep in mind, you must still register with FIRST which is a cost of $275.

Photo Gallery


Meeting Recordings


League Championship Q&A


League Meet #3 Kickoff


League Meet #2 Kickoff


League Meet #1 Kickoff

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Scrimmage Kickoff


Rules Info Session