Game Play

Video on 2022 Referee Rule Overview

Join head referees Bob and Sid as they provide a breakdown of the key rules and potential penalties in the 2022-2023 Florida FTC Game "Power Play."

Video on 2022 Tech Updates

Join AJ Foster as he provides helpful guidance as you begin this year's FTC season. He discusses convenient ways to get around some of the equipment shortages facing teams.

Video on Remote Game Play

FIRST Tech Challenge is releasing videos throughout the season that include some great resources for teams. In this video, an experienced alumni team talks about game play in a remote model.

Video on 2020 Referee Rule Update

Two Head Referees from Florida review the basic rules of the game and demonstrate what is "legal" and "illegal". As always, we recommend that you read the game manual, updates, and consult the game forums as needed. Don't hesitate to reach out to the local teams to help one another!