FIRST HQ Resources

On the FIRST website's resource gallery, you can find the following:

  • Game Manuals (remote and in person events have separate manuals)

  • Playing Field Materials & Manuals

  • Videos & Promotional Materials

  • Q&A Forum Documentation

  • DIY Resources

  • Season Results

  • Team Materials

  • Grants

A great set of resources for budgets, fundraising, marketing, outreach, and prepping for competitions.

FIRST In Florida Resources

Here, we archive materials that we hope our league teams and others might find useful. Some of the materials are FIRST related, others are materials we’ve developed ourselves. Please note that the documents we’ve uploaded here are for reference only, and we can’t guarantee we won’t miss an update. The FIRST Tech Challenge game page is the official source of all competition related rules, regulations, manuals, and documents.

FIRST In Florida Competition Resources