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Registering with FIRST

League Fees

In the 2022 season, there will be league fees.

Your team will be subject to one or two of the fees below. These fees go directly to South Florida FTC and do not cover FIRST Tech Challenge registration ($295) or any tournaments beyond South Florida like the Florida State Championship, South Super Regional, or the World Championship. Competitions cost the league over $4,000 annually. The South Florida FTC league is completely volunteer based with no paid positions. Schools will pay through invoice.

Questions regarding payment can be directed to Ms. Alice Miller at

$250 League Fee

This fee covers participation in South Florida FTC scrimmages, tournaments, Judgement Day, and the League Championship.

$100 Volunteer Fee

Teams who meet one (1) of the criteria below are exempt from this fee. The fee is to encourage teams to recruit or enlist volunteers who make this program possible. One volunteer can exempt your team from the fee but do not limit yourself to supplying only one volunteer. Events only run smoothly when we are fully staffed.

Exemption case 1) Rookie (first year) Team

Exemption case 2) Team supplies a key volunteer who attends the training day or the scrimmage.

Depending on the position, online certification may be required. This volunteer must be at least 20 years of age.

Registering for Events

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